20 December 2011

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RE: Addendum to "Disciplinary Penetration (Economics)"

Some time ago I started putting together a linked list of journals 
expressing interest in publishing computational studies of complex 
systems, typically with explicit mention of agent-based modeling (ABM).  
Please see below:

    Journals Expressing Interest in Research using Agent-Based 
Computational Economics and Related Topics

If SIMSOC participants see any social science journals missing from this 
list that they know to be sympathetic to the use of ABM/CAS tools, 
please send me (a) the journal name and (b) a working URL to the 
journal's homepage, and I will add this info to the site.

By the way, the above site contains additional economic journals that I 
inadvertently omitted from my previous SIMSOC email (several noted in a 
follow-up email by Murat Yildizoglu)!

Best wishes,


On 12/19/2011 5:46 AM, Edmund Chattoe-Brown wrote:
> Dear All,
> What are the highest status/best known/most cited journals which have
> published ABM/social simulation in your particular social science? (And
> what are the citations?) In Sociology the highest impact journals give,
> for the set of search terms<agent based model simulation>  the following
> numbers of "hits" (excluding book reviews, editorials and "front/back
> matter"):
> American Journal of Sociology   17 (most in one special issue)
> American Sociological Review    11
> British Journal of Sociology    3
> Annual Review of Sociology      23
> Global Networks – A Journal of Transnational Affairs    4
> Sociology of Health&  Illness    3
> Journal of Marriage and the Family 1
> Economy and Society     49
> Social Networks 37
> Social Problems 3
> However, scanning these quickly, I suspect that many (most?) are false
> positives as it is quite hard to pick a set of search terms that
> uniquely identify what we do. (Could we find an unusual word and always
> use it in our papers to help with this!) Looking more carefully at some
> of the cases with fewer hits, two of the three BJS articles are false
> positives (the other written by yours truly*), the only example in
> Journal of Marriage and the Family is a FP and so on. (I would have done
> more of this but the library computer seems to be acting up.)
> I wonder if one thing we could do to promote our research is simply to
> try and get something into journals that haven't had it before ... Would
> anyone else like to share this kind of analysis for economics,
> management, psychology, criminology, demography? (Who else is there
> reading?)
> Happy Xmas!
> Edmund
> * Chattoe, Edmund (2006) 'Using Simulation to Develop and Test
> Functionalist Explanations: A Case Study of Dynamic Church Membership',
> British Journal of Sociology, 57(3), September, pp. 379-397.

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