19 December 2011

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RE: Disciplinary Penetration (Economics)

Agent-based modeling is far from having penetrated mainstream economics 
in any routine way.

However, papers stressing Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE) are 
now rather regularly appearing in the following well-regarded but 
specialized ("field") economic journals:

    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Papers stressing ACE have occasionally appeared in the following 
"premier" economic journals:

    American Economic Review (e.g., Holland/Miller, LeBaron/Tesfatsion)
    Journal of Monetary Economics (e.g., work on GAs by Jasmina Arifovic 
et al.)
    Journal of Political Economy (e.g., work on GAs by Jasmina Arifovic 
et al.)

A volume dedicated to ACE appeared in 2006 in the prestigious Handbooks 
in Economics Series published by Elsevier.

       Leigh Tesfatsion and Kenneth L. Judd, ed. (2006). /Handbook of 
Computational Economics/, v. 2.,
       Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Description 
& and chapter-preview links. 

Articles favorably recommending agent-based modeling tools for economics 
(particularly macroeconomics in the wake of the still ongoing financial 
crisis) have appeared in

      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences   ( Agent-based 
modeling: Methods and techniques 
for simulating human systems 
<>. Proceedings of 
the National Academy of Sciences 
May 14, 2002. )

      Nature  (  J. Doyne Farmer andDuncan Foley, Duncan (2009), 'The 
economy needs agent-based modelling.
      ' Nature, Vol. 460, No. 7256. (05 August 2009), pp. 685-686,and 
Mark Buchanan (2009), 'Meltdown modelling. 
Could agent-based computer models prevent another financial crisis? 
Nature, Vol. 460, No. 7256.
      (05 August 2009), pp. 680-682. )

      The Economist ( "Agents of change" 
<>. /The Economist/. 22 July 2010)

A rather comprehensive survey of ACE published work is forthcoming in 
the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control -- see the following:

      Shu-Heng Chen, *"Varieties of Agents in Agent-Based Computational 
       A Historical and an Interdisciplinary Perspective"* 
of Economic Dynamics and Control/,
       2011, to appear. */

      Abstract:/* This thoughtful and comprehensive study traces the 
origins of agent-based computational economics (ACE) through four 
different gateways: namely, study of market processes; study of cellular 
automata with fixed rules of behavior; evolution-of-cooperation 
tournaments with programmed strategies; and experiments with autonomous 
human-like agents (artificial life).


See, also, the listings of annotated pointers to published ACE work at 
the following sites:

    ACE: Introductory Materials

    ACE: Research Area Sites

    ACE Research Area: Agent-Based Macroeconomics

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>> 2011/12/19 Edmund Chattoe-Brown <[log in to unmask] 
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>>     Dear All,
>>     What are the highest status/best known/most cited journals which have
>>     published ABM/social simulation in your particular social
>>     science? (And
>>     what are the citations?) In Sociology the highest impact journals
>>     give,
>>     for the set of search terms <agent based model simulation> the
>>     following
>>     numbers of "hits" (excluding book reviews, editorials and "front/back
>>     matter"):
>>     American Journal of Sociology   17 (most in one special issue)
>>     American Sociological Review    11
>>     British Journal of Sociology    3
>>     Annual Review of Sociology      23
>>     Global Networks  A Journal of Transnational Affairs    4
>>     Sociology of Health & Illness    3
>>     Journal of Marriage and the Family 1
>>     Economy and Society     49
>>     Social Networks 37
>>     Social Problems 3
>>     However, scanning these quickly, I suspect that many (most?) are
>>     false
>>     positives as it is quite hard to pick a set of search terms that
>>     uniquely identify what we do. (Could we find an unusual word and
>>     always
>>     use it in our papers to help with this!) Looking more carefully
>>     at some
>>     of the cases with fewer hits, two of the three BJS articles are false
>>     positives (the other written by yours truly*), the only example in
>>     Journal of Marriage and the Family is a FP and so on. (I would
>>     have done
>>     more of this but the library computer seems to be acting up.)
>>     I wonder if one thing we could do to promote our research is
>>     simply to
>>     try and get something into journals that haven't had it before
>>     ... Would
>>     anyone else like to share this kind of analysis for economics,
>>     management, psychology, criminology, demography? (Who else is there
>>     reading?)
>>     Happy Xmas!
>>     Edmund
>>     * Chattoe, Edmund (2006) 'Using Simulation to Develop and Test
>>     Functionalist Explanations: A Case Study of Dynamic Church
>>     Membership',
>>     British Journal of Sociology, 57(3), September, pp. 379-397.
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>>      Edmund Chattoe-Brown
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