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This is the 2nd call for papers for the Stream "Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Conrol" being held at the "25th European Conference on Operational Research" on 8-11 July 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

This track explores theoretical as well as practical applications of simulation techniques to questions of management accounting and management control. Contributions are sought from both academics and practitioners. Topics of interest are (but not limited to) 
Adaptation of management control systems 
Organizational learning in management control
Diffusion of innovations in management accounting and management control
Dynamics and emergence of control mechanisms in organizations
Economic interaction and management control
Effectivity of decision-making methods in complex and turbulent environments
Information quality in management accounting and management control 
Decision-influencing information in complex and turbulent environments
Interrelations of design elements in performance management systems 
Dynamics in budgeting 
Aggregation and management of risks in complex environments
Please submit your abstract (no more than 600 words, no formulas or mathematical notations) via the abstract submission page at the conference web-site. Detailed information on the submission process can be found there. Each attendee is allowed to present one paper at the conference

In order to submit your abstract in the conference site, you need to enter the specific session-codes. The sessions within the Stream „Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control“ and the respective session-codes are:

	Information quality in management accounting: 688f64d0
	Organizational learning in management accounting: 293fdb87
	Management control for complexity and turbulence: 7a7bfa16
	Simulation research in management accounting and management control: 2d463daf

Important Dates:

	Registration starts:					25 September 2011
	Deadline for abstract submission:		29 February 2012
	Notification of acceptance:				31 March 2012
	Deadline for early registration:			22 April 2012
	Deadline for author registration:		1 May 2012
	(for inclusion in the program)

The call for paper can be found here: 
Further details about the conference can be found at the conference website: