The date of the quotation is immediately given away by the phrase "all-man simulation", which the ASR would never now print.  (They would write "all-human" or "all-person" nowadays).  So we are making progress in some respects at least!


On 9 Dec 2011, at 11:41, Edmund Chattoe-Brown wrote:

> Review of "Simulation and National Development by Scott et al." by
> Jeanne Gullahorn, American Sociological Review:
> "Like others in simulation, the authors tend to proselytize with
> conviction - but not with convincing data - about the _research_
> potentials of all-man simulation. It is time that those of us engaged in
> computer as well as in all-man simulation seriously confronted issues of
> validation and methodology. Thus far, in developing competence with the
> new simulation techniques and in avoiding the intellectual sterilization
> threatened by overzealous wielder's of Occam's razor, we have built
> interesting demonstration models exploring real-life complexities. But
> let us proceed beyond what seems our current stage of development:
> "Look, look! See it run. Run, simulation, run.""
> The date? 1967!
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