hello all,
I believe that there is not a page on either Facebool or linked in? some other networks have established pages and are working quite well.
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HI Piers/Jürgen and AACORNERS


I would concur that AACORN’s identity is somewhat of an enigma to me.  I receive the emails and have visited the site a couple of times but it seems there is no activity.


It could be worthwhile revisiting in some way what AACORN is about??


I am part of a facilitators email list and at times it is very active with discussion about things related to facilitation (and at other times left of field discussion).  Often when people go to far from the field of facilitation we see people asking to be removed from the list.  Also there is a fine line about how people promote what they do.  However, mostly I find the list worthwhile and I have learned some things.  That particular network also meets yearly for a conference in Australia.  It is called the Australian Facilitators Network.  There are no fees and there are over 700 people on the list we have been informed.  Often you do find it is the same people who post and are quite active.  Once in a while you get a lurker declaring themselves.


Maybe there is an opportunity for AACORN to promote more of what is happening in and around the field of arts and business.  More stories of what people are up to…


What else would be people be interested in and like to know.






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Dear Piers,


your message expresses in some way my perception !


Actually we have three sites:

www.accorn.net - the homepage managed by John and Ross Churchley.

www.aacorn.net/blog – after an enthousiaste launch, the blog activities died rapidly. 

www.aacorn.wikispaces.com  - we tried during two years to activate the wiki.

The activities on the blog and the wiki are rare and limited.


I concluded for myself, that the network – except the personal contact between individuals – has no need of such "social activities".  The art of management and organization conference seems to satisfy the need to share ideas and concepts. It's a research-network. It's evolution and objective is not as obvious. But one thing is for sure, if you have specific questions about art of/in/by management and organization you may find the one to dialogue with. As all networks, AACORN increases the probability of fortunate circumstances. My only objection: The higher the consciousness of the identity (of a network), the higher this probability.


AACORNs identity still seems a little scraggy to me :-)









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Betreff: A challenge


Dear Aacorn - an appeal- a challenge.


We live in interesting times.  I am aware of places, on the streets and on  the internet, where there is fierce debate and new ideas are erupting in response to the cataclysmic global events of the last few years. Aacorn is not one of them.


I looked again at the list of people in the network. An astonishing collection of wisdom, talent and experience, all connected. The blog on our website is moribund. Who would like to engage with me in reviving that space as a place for focused and serious debate?


I would like to hold up the INET website as a model for us. Where the community of academic economists is engaged in a brave debate about the future of their discipline, so thoroughly discredited by the financial collapse of 2008.


We are linked but are we a community? Lets talk. I have posted a contribution on the blog that I invite people to respond to. 

All the very best


Piers Ibbotson


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