I would like to use a custom hemodynamic response function for the GLM.

Therefore I replaced the variable ‘hrf’ in the spm_hrf.m file with my function, sampled over 20 seconds and a resolution of 1 second which corresponds to my TR. See the last two lines in the attached file. I made no further changes.

However, when I specify a 1st-level model, the design matrix turns out to be just a uniform grey color.

My guess is that something about the amplitude or duration of my function is wrong, do you have any suggestions?

Could it be that the file spm_Gpdf.m needs to be changed as well, even though I think it should no longer be needed for my hrf.


Plan B, manually convoluting a boxcar function with this hrf in matlab and entering it as regressor in spm works perfectly but that is quite tedious.


Thank you very much.





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