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> Your statistics seem to be confirmed by Michel Lheure, L'achevement du 
reseau paroissial dans le diocese de Chartres (du XIe au debut du XIIIe 
siecle). Essai sur son financement (Amiens, 2003)

curiously enough, i have that in my metastasized bibliography, though i have
no idea where i got it from:
Lheure, Michel. L’Achèvement du réseau paroissial dans le diocèse de
Chartres (du XIe au XIIIe siècle), essai sur son financement. Amiens:
Université de Picardie, Centre d’archéologie et d’histoire médiévales
des établissements religieux, 2003. (Histoire médiéval et archéologie,  t.
14, 2003.) 241pp. 

cheap, too:

Lheure himself appears to be an art historian,

but with a strong background in history and economics:

with a preface by the late art historian Anne Prache and parish churches on
the cover, this may be the kind of study which examines (or, might allow one
to examine) the relationship --if any-- between the [ecclesiastical] owners of
parish churches and their architecture and sculpture.  i problem i dipped into
a bit 20+ years ago, with not much to show for the effort.

> There's lots more on this issue in the book from what I can see, but I 
haven't had time yet to read it.

well, Get Cracking, man.  Briggs is waiting.

stop reading those mid-term exams and just use the Old Reliable "stair step"
method for grading: take them to the head of the stairs and toss them down,
letting God sort them out; A's at the bottom, lazy F's at the top.


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