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A pentimento regarding Abibus of Edessa.

On 11/20/11, I wrote:

> Gurias, Samonas, and Abibus... 

> Abibus as depicted in the late thirteenth-century frescoes (ca. 1295) by the court painters Michael Astrapas and Eutychius in the church of the Peribleptos (now Sv. Climent Novi) in Thessaloniki:

I should have noticed that this image is reversed (as are others on the last few pages of the Ohrid 'Perivlepty' offerings at  Not only is this deacon wearing his orarion on the wrong shoulder but the letters on that orarion are mirror images of how they should appear.  That being so, I was clearly wrong to read his fragmentary identifying inscription as a remnant of the 'bos' of 'Abibos' (as the name is spelled in Greek).  Whoever this martyr is, he's unlikely to be Abibus of Edessa.

Best again,
John Dillon      
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