Could DANO/SIGDANO be included to REFMAC output mtz automatically? I find it very useful on the various stages of refinement to observe anomalous map.
Last time I was trying, I failed, probably due to  GUI'sh addiction and abandonning line editor.
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On Nov 16, 2011, at 13:57 , Eleanor Dodson wrote:

Yes - one solution is to use the MR phases to do a anom diff map to position the Se sites.

You need to
a) run CAD to combine the DANO/ SIGDANO columns from your data with the refmac output

b) use the fft utility to do a DANO map with PHIC and FOM and run a peak search.

Ideally you should find whacking peaks related to your previous Se sites
(may be different origin, and symmetry equivalent.

If that is so, then use phistats (Reflection utility ) to move the Se phases to the MR ones and you can do several things then.
I often just check the MR solution against the exptl phases first - correct obvious errors, delete wrong residues etc)

Then do some refinement using phases and you will get out combined phases from REFMAC..

Or use the SIRAS option #or ....


On 11/16/2011 06:23 AM, Frederic VELLIEUX wrote:

This hasn't been mentioned by the people who have answered so far so here we go: your molecular replacement solution and your SeMet solution to the phase problem
are not necessarily using the same origin. There is a ccp4 program (is it phistats ? and there may be other programs around) that can deal with this.


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Objet : [ccp4bb] Can I combine selenoMet data and MR model to solve the phase problem?

Hi, there,

Maybe someone asked this question before, but I couldn't find it in the archive.

We use the native data to do molecular replacement before, but only part of the model fit the density. After collect a new set of selenoMet data, we try to use it to
solve the phase, it solve some of the phase problem other than the MR, but still not complete. Is there anyway that I can somehow combine the two phases together?
Thank you.