Dear zooarchers,
Even though this is not an strictly zooarch question, I still wanted to know if there were any references you could recommend me for reading.

It's about a site, which was a late 18th - early 19th century ranch. Its walls were 60 cm wide, because of the lenght of the bricks it was made from. In these walls, we found there were some clearly delimitated spaces, actually they were like chambers within the walls and 2 of these chambers happened to contain objects inside.

In one of them, we found a French perfume bottle. In the other not-empty chamber, we found a small bowl and a middle-size mammal scapula. The scapula was located right under the bowl.

Well, I know that finding objects, especially bone fragments, is quite common in old walls and floors, and we did find isolated bones and glass fragments, but these chambers and the stuff in them are quite intriguing.

here's the link to Bonecommons, where I uploaded a picture of the finding's context

Any references will be appreciated!