Hi All,
Having recently suffered huge cuts to our staffing, we are now having to freelance out our education sessions and I am looking for some advice on reasonable prices.  We currently charge 1.50 per child for schools, but we are now in the situation where we can't afford to pay a freelancer any extra money.  This means that the only money a feelancer would get would be whatever the school pays, if that makes sense.  Clearly we're going to have to put our prices up!  Any suggestions on what a reasonable rate would be to charge a school, without scaring them off but that also has to translate into a reasonable amount to pay a freelancer?  My feeling is that it would be easier to have a set price per session rather than per head to guarentee a certain level of income.  Does anyone have any experience of this?
Thanks in anticipation,
Debbie Shipton
Interpretation and Learning Officer
Museum of Croydon
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