Hello Derek,

Thanks for your mail. I have been quite busy last week, but I did  
notice your positive response to my first mail to you. As you see, I  
am building up the draft programme, yet I think that the Policy Lab  
will be included.
I'll come back to you in about two/three weeks, after collecting and  
studying the various cases.

Best regards,


Le 18 sept. 11 à 22:49, Derek B. Miller a écrit :


In response to your three criteria:

1. Lisa Rudnick (Senior Researcher and Project Manager, United  
Nations Institute for Disarmament Research) and myself are now  
involved in crafting a "framework document" for on evidence-based  
program design for the reintegration of ex-combatants in post- 
conflict societies. This is in the service of the Inter-Agency  
Working Group (IAWG) of the UN on DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization,  
and Reintegration of Excombatants. The IAWG has about 14 UN member  
organizations in addition to the World Bank, International  
Organization for Migration, and International Labor Organization. If  
the framework document is adopted next year, it will introduce a new  
approach to designing field operations (itself a "service"). We are  
taking the "design" aspect of this very seriously.

2. Our work on strategic design and public policy can be referenced  
under my name on, and key documents can be found on both  
UNIDIR's website ( and the R&D page at The Policy Lab  
( We are indeed paying close attention to the  
design thinking discussions — broadly understood — and the  
intersection of design and management, as well as design and social  
research. So I would absolutely say we are doing this in the context  
of on-going developments in the design field — though admittedly  
we're on the extreme edge. This work has global implications.

3. It has not reached the stage of results or sustainability. Rather,  
we now need to finish the framework, get it adopted (itself a  
political activity as well), build the prototype for the  
reintegration tool during phase II next year (funding and political  
support provided …), then pilot it in key locations in 2013. We  
anticipate Libya and possibly Sudan. But there's a lot of tarmac  
between here and there …

You can contact Lisa as well. I'll pass on her contact info.

Best wishes,

Dr. Derek B. Miller

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On Sep 18, 2011, at 10:02 PM, Jean Schneider wrote:

> Hello,
> For the conference that I am organising next January in Paris, and  
> that some of you already know, I would be very grateful if you  
> could help me with the following.
> I would like to devote a day to the "big picture" : it has been a  
> strange year, with Fukushima and the (un)sustainability of our  
> energy production, the Arab "revolutions", the economical collapse  
> of Europe etc. Nothing that has so much to do, in direct terms,  
> with design as we deal with it on a daily basis. But not anything  
> that the profession can ignore either, as they are likely to  
> reshape societies in deep.
> Quite close in fact, to the approach of Mau and the Institute  
> without boundaries that gave birth to the book "massive change".
> So the question is : do you have in mind any initiative that :
> 1/ has been designed to address one societal challenge (not a  
> technical one, unless there is a scale effect), whether it is local  
> or regional or even broader is not important,
> 2/ is built on a paradigm that, in your view, embeds some kind of  
> "design thinking" (lets keep it loose here) : e.g. in its  
> development (participation, for instance), its governance, its  
> economical model etc.;
> 3/ has achieved some results and is sustainable.
> I'd be grateful if, in such case, you could give me some  
> information (e.g. website, contact person...).
> Best regards,
> Jean
> Jean Schneider
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