SERENE 2011 -- 3rd Int. Workshop on Software Engineering for
Resilient Systems and the SERENE School

Call for participation

September 27-30, 2011
Geneva, Switzerland

SERENE Workshop - September 29-30, 2011
The workshop programme covers 1.5 days of technical talks and
includes two invited talks:
- Peter Popov. Preliminary Interdependency Analysis: Method and Tool Support
- Ivica Crnkovic. Predictability and Evolution in Resilient Systems 

These are complemented by the 13 presentations of the peer-reviewed papers 
in the following areas: 
- Formal Modelling and Verification
- Architecting Resilient Systems
- Fault Tolerance
- Requirements Engineering and Product Lines
- Monitoring and Self-adaptation
- Security and Intrusion Avoidance

The Proceedings are published as a volume in the LNCS series by Springer.

The workshop is preceded by the SERENE School with the following program:

27th Sept - morning
Speaker: Manuel Oriol, University of York, UK
Title: Testing Resilient Systems

27th Sept - afternoon
Speaker: Valerie Issarny, INRIA Paris - Rocquencourt, France
Title: Towards Future Proof Interoperability

28th Sept - morning
Speaker: Marc-Olivier Killijian, LAAS-CNRS, France
Title: New Paradigms for the Design of Mobiquitous Applications

28th Sept - afternoon
Speaker: Ekkart Kindler, Technical University of Denmark
Title: Resilient Software by Model-based Software Engineering

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