Dear experts, 

I’m having problems (and slowly approaching the limits of my patience) with a voi analysis using rfxplot. It keeps terminating with the following error:

Cant open image file.
66      rfx_get_data_img
425     rfx_main
200     rfxplot
914     spm

… and displaying the results of only one subject. Whole brain results of First and Second Level analyses are displayed without problems for all subjects (11 in that group). And no, I most certainly did not move the files around (I know for sure because I had a lot of fun re-doing the whole preprocessing in the faint hope that this might help; it didn’t). Neither should limited access be the problem.

What really mystifies me, though, is that the problem appears in only one group of subjects. The other runs smoothly. Can anybody help?

Iris Klossika
Central Institute of Mental Health
Mannheim, Germany