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There are also the education based journals- usually Nurse education Today or Nurse Education in Practice- I don’t think there are any specifically for midwifery education.



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Subject: Journals midwives use to publish their midwifery research


Hello everyone

I am currently involved in a project where I am looking at midwifery journals and evaluating them against an open access criteria ie how freely available they are to midwives to access online, both as reader and author. The problem is, we publish our research all over the place, not just midwifery-only journals. So I have been having trouble deciding how to define what a "midwifery" journal is.

To that end, I'd be really grateful to hear what you consider is common journal for midwives to publish in? The journals with the search terms "midwifery", birth", "pregnancy", "neonatal" etc in their titles are easy to identify. What other journals are common places for midwives to publish in, especially nursing journals? I am not interested in medical journals such as BMJ - I know midwives publish in those journals on occasion but they are not included in my brief at the moment.

Some of the journals I have come up with are:

J. of Advanced Nursing
Nurse Education Today
International Nursing Review

What else would you suggest?

thank you, Sarah

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