When I try to see the results from a paired t-test I got this error message:

??? Error using ==> image
Error using ==> image
Image CData can not be complex

Error in ==> spm_conman at 975
            hDesMtxIm = image((varargin{2}.nKX+1)*32);

Error in ==> spm_conman at 944
            spm_conman('ImDesMtx',xX,H.hDesMtxAx) %-Depict DesMtx

Error in ==> spm_conman at 812
    [F,cF] = spm_conman('Initialise','on',SPM,STATmode,n,Prompt,Mcstr,OK2chg);

Error in ==> spm_getSPM at 267
[Ic,xCon] = spm_conman(SPM,'T&F',Inf,...

Error in ==> spm_results_ui at 275
[SPM,xSPM] = spm_getSPM;
??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

The estimation seems to work fine but when I try to see the results, the contrast window doesn't load properly, please see attached files on the design matrix and the contrast window.

How can I resolve this problem?

Best regards