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Dear all,
I have just posted another batch of images to my online archive. Most 
are from two lesser-known museums in Hungary, in Kaposvár and Szekszárd, 
and date from the fifth to the eighth century. They are all fully 
indexed, but also gathered in three location pages: (including an unusually 
complex animal-interlace arm band and finger ring, and a pendant 
enclosing a fragment of chain mail) (recently excavated silver 
from fifth-c. burials) (including a splendid 
"Hunnic" buckle, and figural Avar metalwork).
Those who are interested in later material may want to look again at the 
Indianapolis page
to which I have added a 1475 painting of the Mass of St. Gregory, an 
1819 soup tureen, and an Emile Bernard cabinet with Breton scenes.
Oh, and a small question about the Gregory image 
( am I right in 
thinking that the geared gizmo on the upper right is the mechanism for 
ringing a bell?

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