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>I probably should have mentioned that book and colleague are in Poland. 

just guessing, Paul, but Polish antiquarian book dealers might be something of
an endangered species, Fascism & Stalinism being something of a Double

apparently there are no ILAB members in Poland:

which is not a good sign.

i once heard that antiquarian dealers in Germany were required, by law, to
have a doctorate (in what, book dealing?), but i have no idea whether that was
just some sour grapes sort of rumor started by U.S. book dealers (a surprising
percentage of which, in my experience, are scarcely literate).

in any event, there are *lots* of quite serious, long established and
competent German dealers (and auction houses specializing in books) --none of
whose names i can remember, of course.

ILAB members in Germany who specialize in incunables:

the most knowledgeable antiquarian dealer i've ever personally met is Pierre
Jammes (fils de Paul) in Paris (Librarie Paul Jammes, 3 rue Gozlin, across the
road from St. Germain-des-Pres, --who may no longer
be with us, alas; his granddaughter Isabelle seems to have taken it over.  

the maison  still puts out beautiful, wonderfully erudite catalogs, on all
sorts of interesting topics (including some incunables):

>I wish my Vast International Network were as well-organised as Christopher
seems to think it is.

yeah, well, i was just trying to be nice --that fly-by-night Roman Catholic
Church dealie, being both parochial (as it were) and totally disorganized, is
clearly not long for this world.

don't quit your Day Job.


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