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As you mention, your colleague could indeed take the item to an auction house for a valuation, but it is not unusual for auction houses to 'make house calls', especially if there might be some other items that could benefit from being evaluated.

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On 19 Jul 2011, at 12:09, Paul Chandler wrote:

A librarian friend has been asked to send an incunabulum (Johannes Maria de Poluciis, Vita S. Alberti de Drepano, Venice: Christophorus de Pensis?, 1499) to an exhibition. For insurance purposes he must provide a current valuation, but is not sure how to go about this short of taking the item to an auction house for a valuation. I suppose a book-dealer would check auction records and the like, but I imagine this would require specialised resources (?). How would one go about this? Any help appreciated, perhaps off-list. -- Paul

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