It's the way to go. Read Henry Jenkins on 'Convergence Culture' ;-((. Maybe it's time to dig out Marcuse's One-dimensional Man again ... ;-)))


more useful contextualization . . . i had no idea that our man slavoj actually appeared on TV shows, and [using my pre-post-modern brain] assumed that the only way ms. zeva could have known of him was by reading him or – at the very least – by reading about him
but, as one of my colleagues has suggested to me, if druggy counter-intuitive pronouncements about “profound” matters will earn one rock-star status, then, hey, maybe we should all give it a try . . . that way we’d be in line with ms. zeva’s own profound discovery that “relevance” and “celebrity” are really just two different names for the same thing, right??
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I doubt this fashion blogger ever READ much of Zizek's work (not his books, at any rate). Zizek is a pop star, a performer, a standup comedian who shamelessly appears even on the most debasing tv shows with idiotic interlocutors, just to use another media outlet to display his outrageous fondness for Stalinism. Zizek is always counter-intuitive in his interpretations. And that's cool. Although, despite everything, he's still not quite the household name of some of his heroes, e.g. Hitchcock. More work needed there. What is maybe not so cool about Zizek is his obvious use of cocaine to maintain his high-octane public appearances.

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