The New Extremism in Cinema
From France to Europe
Edited By: Tanya C Horeck and Tina Kendall
Publication Date:	Jul 2011

Explosive images of sex and violence in films by directors such as Catherine
Breillat, Gaspar Noé, Michael Haneke and Lars von Trier have attracted media
attention for the ways in which they seek to shock and provoke the spectator
into powerful affective and visceral responses.

This first collection of essays devoted to the new extremism in contemporary
European cinema critically interrogates this highly contentious body of work
and demonstrates that these films and the controversies they engender are
indispensable to the critical task of rethinking the terms of spectatorship.
Through critical discussions of key films and directors, this book sheds new
light on cutting-edge debates in Film Studies regarding sexuality, violence
and spectatorship, affect and ethics, and the political dimensions of extreme

Including important new work from internationally renowned scholars Martin
Barker and Martine Beugnet, as well as combining a range of approaches to
extreme cinema across audience research and theories of spectator ship, this
exploration of the darkest side of cinema will be an invaluable resource for
film scholars and students.

Table of Contents:

Contents Acknowledgements 1 Introduction Tanya Horeck and Tina Kendall 2
Flesh and Blood: Sex and Violence in Recent French Cinema James Quandt Part I
French Cinema and the New Extremism 3 The Wounded Screen Martine Beugnet 4
Reframing Bataille: On Tacky Spectatorship in the New European Extremism Tina
Kendall 5 Beyond Anti-Americanism, Beyond Euro-Centrism: Locating Bruno
Dumont's Twentynine Palms in the Context of European Cinematic Extremism Neil
Archer Part II Becoming Animal: Posthumanism and the New Extremism 6 Shadows
of Being in Sombre: Archetypes, Wolf-Men and Bare Life Jenny Chamarette 7
Eastern Extreme: The Presentation of Eastern Europe as a Site of Monstrosity
in La Vie nouvelle and Import/Export Michael Goddard 8 Naked Women,
Slaughtered Animals: Ulrich Seidl and the Limits of the Real Catherine
Wheatley Part III Watching the Extreme: Cultural Reception 9 Watching Rape,
Enjoying Watching Rape…: How does a Study of Audience Cha(lle)nge Film
Studies Approaches?' Martin Barker 10 Censorship, Reception and the Films of
Gaspar Noé: The Emergence of the New Extremism in Britain Daniel Hickin 11
'Sex and Violence from a Pair of Furies': The Scandal of Baise-moi Leila
Wimmer 12 'Close Your Eyes and Tell Me What You See': Sex and Politics in
Lukas Moodysson's Films Mariah Larsson Part IV Ethics and Spectatorship in
the New Extremism 13 Lars von Trier's Dogville: A Feel-Bad Film Nikolaj
Lübecker 14 A 'Passion for the Real': Sex, Affect and Performance in the
Films of Andrea Arnold Tanya Horeck 15 Interrogating the Obscene: Extremism
and Michael Haneke Lisa Coulthard 16 On the Unwatchable Asbjørn Grønstad
Afterword 17 More Moralism from that 'Wordy Fuck' James Quandt Notes on
Contributors Works Cited Index


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