Having a discussion about fees for writing reports here - a physio
collegue has been asked to give some information re his clients
(obviously with consent)  in an OHS setting for the Criminal Injuries
Compensation Board. A fee has been offered but he is unsure where to
pitch this - I have suggested looking honestly at how much time it will
take going through the notes, preparing a report etc and then charge
according to his hourly rate. Any physio colleagues out there can give
us a steer? - probably off list better

Sharon Naylor
HMPS Occupational Health Advisor
*Please note new number at Lartin*
Long Lartin 01386 295310 (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) 
Birmingham 0121 345 2606 (Wednesday and Thursday)

"Those that do not find some time every day for health must sacrifice a
lot of time one day for illness"  Sebastian Knieff

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