These terms belong to one (big) branch of research, that of sums (they call it statistics but they're just sums).  Quantitative researchers like big sums.  Qualitative researchers sample knowledge and ideas rather than units and so have different ways of analysing and describing.   Sums tend to be taught by people who love sums and they forget that most people just want to use them so don't be blinded by terminology.  Think conceptually: what do I want to find out? What is the best way of finding that out?  This will keep you sane.  Letting the tail wag the dog is not so good for sanity.

Research methods are best learnt In a controlled but experiential manner.  If you want to learn specifically about statistical techniques (especially in relation to epidemiology), there are plenty of courses around: every MPH will teach you such stuff.  Every Higher Ed Institution will offer relevant  courses on quantitative methods if you are just interested in that aspect.

Good luck with your sums.


PS I ought to add that I am not anti-sums.  It's just that I agree with  a mathematical friend who used to say: statistics is too important to leave to mathematicians.

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Very interesting.  Thank you Diane.  Would be interesting to see what Physios have to say about it.

Incidentally does anyone know of a resource to help me understand the terminology used in research studies?  Prior to my commencement of the OH degree last year I did a distance-learning module on Research but this did not fully equip me to get all these words like 'linear and logistic regression models' or 'adjusted odds ratios'.  I would LOVE to understand every word I read!!  Is there a course available or something?

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Hello Listy

I cam across this article form a reputable USA university on 681 people  with low back pain

These results suggest that individuals with low back pain should refrain from specific back exercises and instead focus on nonspecific physical activities to reduce pain and improve psychological health.
Food for thought...
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