Dear All
I was told by the RCN in 2006 I was not covered if my company made the  
contractual agreement-see below (Item 1) and I feel its too late  when you 
actually need the cover so to avoid any ambiguity I joined the MDU-its  
objective is clear and I am absolutely certain I am covered. I need that level  of 
At the very least I suggest Occupational Health Professionals do  a 
price/benefit comparison between the Trade Union that is RCN and  MDU.
See the current MDU advert below (Item 2) it is unambiguous and absolutely  
I did maintain my RCN membership for a couple of years but  found 
membership of limited value to me and my practice and professional  development. 
Kind Regards
Lynda Bruce
Item 1)  
Dear Ms Bruce, 
Thanks for your  enquiry. I hope that the following points will assist  
    *   cover under the RCN indemnity  insurance scheme is personal to the 
member. In other words it protects you  against clinical negligence or 
public liability claims arising from the  delivery of a professional nursing 
service acceptable to the RCN.   
    *   It does not extend protection to  a limited company. If you 
contract with a client in the name of your company,  then of course it is only your 
company that is liable to the patient/client.  Accordingly, the scheme will 
have limited application in those circumstances,  unless your company then 
sues you for an  indemnity. 
    *   although the scheme protects  members who are both employees and 
self-employed, the latter are excluded  where they 'employ' other health care 
workers. You mention taking on  associates, but in the event that the 
associate delivers a service in the name  of your company, the liklihood is that 
the company remains liable, even if it  subsequently seeks to pass the 
liability on to the associate. In those  circumstances, the RCN's insurers take 
the view that the member's  business is 'employing' another health care 
worker, and therefore excluded  from the scheme. 
    *   I should add that whilst  we are unfortunately unable to cover your 
company under the scheme,  you remain covered in relation to any personal 
liability (e.g. good Samaritan  acts etc). Further there are other benefits 
of RCN membership, over and above  indemnity insurance. 
Best wishes,   
Chris  Cox 

Item 2) 
The MDU is a mutual, not for profit, organisation owned by  our members. 
Established in 1885, we were the world's first medical defence  organisation 
and have led the way ever since. 
We defend the professional reputations of our members when their clinical  
performance is called into question.

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