In short - sometimes it is luck -  being in the right place at the right time. Many list subscribers will have got their first job in OHN as a result of a training or screening post. The other option is to qualify as an OHN and gain SCPHN registration. 

With regard to getting a job as a screening nurse - if you do not have them already gain a portfolio of screening skills eg spirometry, audiometry, HAVS. There are a number of courses advertised in the Occupational Health Journal. If you are a member of the RCN then they have it in the RCN library. If not an RCN member, I would strongly recommend subscribing. The publisher is Reed publishing - you can find them through Google.

Join one of the local OH groups - there has been info posted on their in the last few weeks - again a list of them is included in the OH Journal. If you are in commutable distance of London you could apply for our course at London South Bank University. You may be eligible for some exemptions if the units you have completed on your oH& S degree are transferable. This is the direct link to info about the LSBU course:

If you are not based close to London there are D/L courses available at Robert Gordon in Aberdeen or University of Western Scotland. The NMC can provide a list of institutions throughout the UK. Not all the courses which are validated are still running so it may involve a bit of detective work.

I hope this is helpful

Anne Harriss

Course Director Occupational Health Nursing

London South Bank University

On Jun 22 2011, Fadzai Makasi wrote:

I have a NEBOSH certificate and postgraduate diploma in Occupational health and safety. I am a registered general nurse who has developed an interest in occupational health and safety and employee health and wellbeing. However, my problem is that although I have the qualifications, I do not have the experience, and I am finding it extremely difficult to get into occupational health as almost all recruiters are turning me down saying I have no experience. How does one get the rquired experience? Someone any ideas?

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