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From: Thomas Izbicki <[log in to unmask]>

> Query: kw: facsimile and ti: scivias 
> The scivias : 
> after the original text of the illuminated Rupertsberf [sic] codex of the
Wiesbaden library / 

> Publication: Salzsburg : Otto M�ller Verlag, 
> Year: 1994 

> Note(s): Consists of "Picture Reproduktionen after the Codex of the Abbay
[sic] St. Hildegard Elbingen parchment facsimile of the lost Rupertsberger
Codex, Wiesbaden LB. Hs 1"--First leaf following title leaf./ The
"Reproduktionen" are 35 glossy color plates reproducing the illustrations in
the Sciviae, and 16 in the Liber vitae meritorum, most accompanied by the
immediately surrounding Latin text. 

assuming that these "glossy color plates" are, indeed, pics of the original
ms. (and not of the ms. reproduction), one must wonder what the quality of
pre-WW2 color photography might be like.

From: Thomas Izbicki <[log in to unmask]>

> Title: Wisse die Wege: Scivias. Nach dem Originaltext des illuminierten
Rupertsberger Kodex der Wiesbadenner Landesbibliothek ins Deutsche übertragen
und bearb. von Maura Böckeler. 

>430 p. illus., 35 col. facsims.
> Publisher: Salzburg, O. Müller [1955] 

"Bildreproduktionen nach dem Kodex der Abtei St. Hildegard, Eibingen,
Pergamentfaksimile des seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg Verschollenen Rupertsberger
Kodex, Wiesbaden, LB, Hs. 1." 

or, for that matter, what the quality of 1955 color plates of the ms.
faksimile might be.

looks like the best bet is still the Brepols CC ed.


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