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Plymouth M.Arch students' (together with students from Gdansk Technical University, Poland) will exhibit their final projects in London, Mile End Pavilion.
The exhibition will run from Monday 13th June to Saturday 18th June. There will be an 'official' opening of the exhibition with a public debate entitled 'Is radical architecture possible?'.  We have two guest speakers, renowned critics and writers Owen Hatherley and professor Malcolm Miles, who will put forward their arguments. This will start on Monday 13th at 16:00 and finish at 18:00.

'Radical Architecture?. Gdansk/Plymouth 2011’

The exhibition explores the consequences of the construction of new major transport route, connecting airport and the port in Gdansk,Poland. It provokes critical reflections on the social, economical, political, spatial and cultural effects of large infrastructure investments. By bringing together and making comparison of works of students from different cultural backgrounds and with different aspirations, the exhibition provides a background to initiate debates in urban development in a (post) financial crisis context. The exhibition aims to address the output of architectural and urban proposals with critical academic commentary. Our aim is to ask again, almost 100 years after the polemics of CIAM in claiming the active role of architecture in social and political changes, what ‘Architects’ can do for the society? Could architecture and urbanism be a part of radical politics? "

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Krzysztof Nawratek

Dr Krzysztof Nawratek FHEA
Lecturer in Architecture
[M. Arch. Programme Leader]
School of Architecture, Design and Environment
Faculty of Arts
University of Plymouth
Roland Levinsky Building
Drake Circus
Plymouth, Devon