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Thanks for your kind and useful reply.

I wanted to make sure my interpretation was right:

Step 1: was done by SPM function: Coreg:estimate and the registration information would be stored in the header of source images (no other output would be found)

Step 2 and Step 3:just as routine DARTEL process on T1 images

Step4: as in DARTEL toolbox: normalise to MNI space option and use source images (PET) from Step1.

For receptor/transporter binding potential images, I suspected we should choose Preserve Amount in Step 4 according to previous discussion:;f3f7b65.0901

Furthermore, considering the image features of PET or even SPECT images, it might have to smooth such images with large amount (ex 12 mm compared to default 8 mm in DARTEL). I wonder if such was suitable if we wanted to perform further analysis by BPM that used both VBM and PET/SPECT images concurrently as in this subject:;dd737de1.1012

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