Dear all,

I have a problem for the Flexible factorial analysis.

In second level analysis, I tried to do a Flexible factorial analysis with two factors: "group" (e.g. patient vs. control) and "gender". So in the design, I have three factors: subject, group, and gender. As I have only one scan for each subject, the factor matrices should be [1 1] for group1 and male, [1 2] for group1 and female, [2 1] for group2 and male, and [2 2] for group2 and female for each subject (see attached file for design matrix)? However, when I estimated the model, I got an error message: Please check your data: There are no significant voxels. So, first, did I do something wrong with the model design? If I'm right, could someone tell me what happened for the estimating?

Thanks, and any suggestion is highly appreciated!