Dear Haoran,

Yes there was a change in the Neuromag reader so that now we always
assume that a file starts at zero whereas previously we used the time
axis stored in the dataset. This should not be important once you
epoch, However there were some pathological cases so the latest
version should be safer.



2011/5/7 飞鸟 <[log in to unmask]>:
> Dear SPM's user,
>   I have just found that different version of SPM8 will result in different
> ''S.timeonset'' which appeared in the history script file. When I
> preprocessed(Convert and Epoching) my MEG data with the latest
> SPM8(,  I would get ''S.timeonset=0''. However, with
> old SPM8(original version without any update) I would get ''S.timeonset= -2
> ''. Thus, I wonder that  whether this difference will make any effects on my
> data when I continue.
>        I will be grateful for any help!
> --
> Haoran LI (MS)
> Brain Imaging Lab,
> Research Center for Learning Science,
> Southeast University
> 2 Si Pai Lou , Nanjing, 210096, P.R.China