Dear SPM list,

I would like to announce an open PhD position with Prof. Andreas Engel  
at the Dept. of Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology, University  
Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

For details, see below.

Nicole David

The Department of Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology at the  
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (Director: Prof. Dr.  
Andreas K. Engel) invites applications for a PhD student position. The  
position is available with immediate start. The appointment will be  
for 3 years.

The position is at the intersection of psychology, cognitive  
neuroscience and philosophy. More specifically, experiments  
investigating the sense of agency shall be carried out, using  
neuroscience techniques such as magnetoencephalography (MEG). The  
sense of agency refers to the monitoring of actions and the  
experience, or awareness, of such as self- or other-generated.

Applicants should have experience in analyzing human EEG or MEG  
studies. Programming experience (Matlab) as well as fluent written and  
spoken English is considered mandatory. Applicants will be responsible  
for the management and implementation of research paradigms, data  
acquisition and analysis. Knowledge in theories of action and  
perception, multisensory processing, self-awareness and a basic  
understanding of information processing in the human brain would be  

The successful candidate will be member of the European collaborative  
project “Extending Sensorimotor Contingencies to Cognition – eSMCs”  
that has started in January 2011. The main objective of the project is  
to extend the Sensorimotor Contingency Theory as an action-based  
approach to perception and cognition, and to investigate its  
implications in studies of natural and artificial agents. More  
information on the project is to appear at  
Information on the Dept. of Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology is  
available at and at 

Please send your application (including a CV) to

Dr. Nicole David or Prof. Dr. Andreas K. Engel
Dept. of Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Martinistrasse 52
20246 Hamburg

Submission of applications through email ([log in to unmask],  
[log in to unmask]) is encouraged.

Pflichtangaben gemäß Gesetz über elektronische Handelsregister und Genossenschaftsregister sowie das Unternehmensregister (EHUG):

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts
Gerichtsstand: Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Jörg F. Debatin (Vorsitzender)
Dr. Alexander Kirstein
Joachim Prölß
Prof. Dr. Dr. Uwe Koch-Gromus