Dear SPM experts,

Thanks for concern! I am doing the "3D source reconstruction" with the MEG
data from Elekta system.  As I know from the SPM tutorial, SPM treats the
MEG data of the Elekta system as two different modalities: "MEG" and

There are two methods used for 3D source reconstruction: "imaging",
"VB-ECD" and "DCM".  The method "imaging" can let me select both "MEG" and
"MEGPLANAR" modalities for reconstruction. However,   in the methods
"VB-ECD" and "DCM", I can only select either "MEG" or "MEGPLANAR" for

May I ask how can I deal with this two modalities in  "VB-ECD" and "DCM".
How this selection will affect my reconstruction result?

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Kind regards,