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FLOW: a conference in two parts Thursday 12 and Friday 13 May 2011 - Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill Campus, Kingston University

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 ‘FLOW: a conference in two parts’ will address issues of the complex relationships between interiors and landscape, which have become increasingly relevant to the understanding of the modern interior. The conference recognises the complex relationship that exists between ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ environments through a consideration of transitional, permeable and ambiguous spaces. 

Keynote speakers
Sandy Isenstadt, University of Delaware
Joel Sanders, Architect

FLOW: a conference in two parts - CONFERENCE PROGRAMME

The Dorich House Conference hosted by the Modern Interiors Research Centre and the Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology, Australia 


0845 	Registration and Refreshments 

0915 	Welcome and Introduction to Session 1 - Penny Sparke

0930 	Tracing Events: Material Tales for Two Australian ‘Stately’ Homes and Gardens, Mark Taylor and Gini Lee, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia 

0950 	The View Beyond One’s Window: Framing Landscape as Space and Time in Modern Interiors, Anca Lasc, University of Southern California, USA 

1010 	Continuities and Discontinuities: The House and Garden as Material and Psychic Space in Vienna’s Early Modernism, Diane Silverthorne, Birkbeck, University of London, UK 

1030 	Transitional spaces in late XIX century Mexican Architecture, Gladys Arana, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY) and Catherine R. Ettinger, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, México 

1050 	Questions and Discussion 

1110 	Tea/Coffee 

1140 	Introduction of Keynote Sandy Isenstadt – Alice Friedman

1150 	Sandy Isenstadt, University of Delaware- Kitchen Landscapes, or, Transparency, Literal and Culinary

1245 	Lunch 

1400 	Introduction to Session 2 - Anne Massey

1410 	George Bernard Shaw and His Writing Hut: Privacy and Publicity as Performance at ‘Shaw’s Corner’, Alice McEwan, University of Hertfordshire, UK 
1430 	From Nineteenth Century Villas to Neues Bauen Houses in Wroclaw and Germany (1871-1933), 
Jadwiga Urbanik and Agnieszka Tomaszewicz, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland 

1450 	Giorgio Morandi and the Bologna Porticoes, Vicky Falconer, Artist in Residence, Kingston University, UK 

1510 	Questions and Discussion 

1530 	Tea/Coffee 

1600 	Introduction to Session 3 – Pat Kirkham

1610 	Transitional Spaces: The Interior-Landscape Relationship in the Design of the Architects Small House Service Bureau, Lisa M. Tucker, Virginia Tech, USA (Fiona Fisher to read paper)

1630 	A Point of View: Christopher Hussey’s Sense of the ‘Picturesque’, Pat Wheaton, Kingston University, UK  

1650 	Mobilizing Interiors: British Railway Compartments as Quasi-Domestic Spaces, 1920-1939, Colin Divall, Institute of Railway Studies and Transport History, National Railway Museum/University of York, UK (presented by Hiroki Shin)

1710 	Questions and Close

1800 	Drinks Reception at Dorich House Museum

0845  	Registration and Refreshments 

0915	Introduction to Session 4 – Brenda Martin

0930 	Rethinking Indoor/Outdoor Living: California c. 1945-65, Pat Kirkham, Bard Graduate Center, New York, USA 

0950 	Curtaining the Curtain Wall: Traversing the Boundaries of the Modern Postwar Environment, Margaret Petty, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand 

1010 	Spatial Experience Within the Colonial Bungalow and the Tropical Modern House in South Asia, 1880-1980, Robin Jones, Southampton Solent University, UK 

1030 	A Bag of Air, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, The University of Sydney, Australia 

1050 	 Questions and Discussion

1110 	 Tea/Coffee

1140 	 Introduction of Keynote Joel Sanders – Charles Rice

1150 	 Joel Sanders, Architect - Human Nature  

1245 	Lunch

1400 	Introduction to Session 5 – Pat Brown

1410 	Relationships between Interiors and Landscape: Critical Reflections on Sukiya and Farmhouse Architecture, Carol Mancke, Kingston University, UK
1430 	Light Events: Interior and Exterior Space in Wavelength, Eleanor Suess, Kingston University, UK  

1450 	Questions and Discussion

1510 	Tea/Coffee

1540 	Introduction to Session 6 – Gini Lee

1550 	Interior Topography and the Fabric of Terrain, Chris Hay, Lincoln University, UK and Patricia Brown, Kingston University, UK  

1610 	Two Case Studies on Landscape, Interiors and Abstraction in Contemporary Art, Burkhart Meltzer, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

1630	Questions and Discussion 

1650 	Closing Session - Chair: Charles Rice.  Panellists: Penny Sparke, Pat Brown, Mark Taylor, Gini Lee