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Following the success of the ACCESS: YouTube website with students here at Henshaws, our sensory instructor has asked for a similar site to aid her lessons with students making simple choices from 2 options.


So here it is: Choose YouTube


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Type a query in box 1 and box 2 and hit search (all functions screenreader accessible) and 2 results will appear. A student can then be supported to make a choice between the 2 videos – using a touchscreen, mouse or screenreader to aid accessibility if needed.


One teaching application suggested by our sensory instructor, is to search for a motivational video (i.e. Anne Robinson, or Postman Pat) and a mundane one (sock or pen etc.) – if the student is able to pick the motivational video, then this is evidence they are able to make choices, thus developing their independence.


The site has quickly been cobbled together, so any errors and feedback, please contact me on twitter @mikethrussell



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