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Two 4-year stellar astrophysics PhD studentships are available at the
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, to start September 2011.

One studentship is available with Dr. Graham Harper for a study
of Hubble Space Telescope ultraviolet spectra of red giants obtained as
part of the ASTRAL project.  Dr. Harper's group combines multi-wavelength
data-sets with computational astrophysics to study the enigmatic structure
of red giant and supergiant chromospheres and outflows. The studentship
research will include both empirical studies of medium and high
resolution spectra as a function of
spectral-type and the computational analysis of line formation. This work
will lead to predictions that can be tested with the new EVLA and ALMA
radio interferometers.

A second studentship available with Dr. Brian Espey to study late-type
giant mass-loss.  Dr. Espey's group has been using a combination of
ground- and space-based observations, and modelling using the PHOENIX
stellar atmosphere code, to study the mass-loss process. This work makes
particular use of eclipsing symbiotic star
systems which contain a white dwarf orbiting the giant star primary.
The next phase of the work will involve comparisons between
symbiotic giants and isolated field stars to study the influence
of binarity on the derived atmospheric properties.

For further information please contact Dr Graham Harper ([log in to unmask])
or Dr. Brian Espey ([log in to unmask]). See link at


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