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A new 4-year stellar astrophysics PhD studentship is available at the School
of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, to start September 2011.

Title: Sub-millimeter Interferometry: a new window into Cool Star Atmospheres

Background: The vigorous sub-surface convection that defines "cool stars",
such as the Sun, leads to several poorly understood phenomena, such as
magnetic field generation, chromospheres, coronae, and stellar mass loss.
The physical processes that control these have been studied in some detail
in most parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, except at sub-millimeter
wavelengths. We are now testing our understanding of stellar atmospheres
in this new regime.

Project: To analyze interferometric observations of red giants at
millimeter and sub-mm wavelengths and to develop state-of-art
atmospheric structure and radiative transfer models to help interpret
the spectral energy distributions. New data from ALMA will confront
atmospheric models constructed from ultraviolet spectra from the Hubble
Space Telescope that probe the same surface plasmas, and may reveal the
structure and causes of red giant chromospheres. This project will involve a
combination of computational astrophysics, observation planning, data
reduction and analysis, and constructing new atmospheric models.

For further information please contact Dr Graham Harper ([log in to unmask])


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