Dear List,

Crikey, people seem to have read an awful lot into this short post. I didn't say that the debate wasn't important or that it shouldn't continue. Quite the opposite: it's so important that we should focus on what we can do about it, and how international examples can usefully inform tactics for resistance.

Yes, fragmentation won't help at all - let's not argue about whether animation is art, or indeed that cruel and oppressive CRUMB list owner ;) but get these letters drafted - fab idea Pauline!

I've been trying to set up a new WIKI for this purpose, but failing dismally (if only I knew about new media!). Anyone else got one ready to go? Marc? In the meantime, you can use Pauline's list or CRUMB, I'm not worried as long as we keep each other posted and keep it focused ...



On 1 Apr 2011, at 09:53, Beryl Graham wrote:

> Hello List,
> Just a note from your gentle co-list-owner that we've had a rash of international people unsubscribing from the list in the past 12 hours, so let's try to keep this funding debate condensed, and as Clive Gillman suggested, focused on positive actions and internationally useful examples.
> yrs
> Beryl

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