I feel that it would make sense to respond timely to the announcement  
with an open letter to the Guardian undersigned by those interested,  
that would form the basis for some sort of consortium of  
organisations, groups and artists that could have a more direct  
collective voice and conversation with the Arts Council around policy  
and frameworks for supporting digital practice and new media practice  
as a medium and not a mechanism.

What we need is someone or a group of people to lead in drafting said  
letter and also some tools for developing a framework (list of  
demands) that we could present to the arts council outlining the whys  
and hows of how the arts council could develop such a policy or  
intellectual framework.

Does anyone have some server space to host a wiki?



On 1 Apr 2011, at 13:13, Danny Butt wrote:

> As an international subscriber I'm finding the conversations very  
> productive, so if the moderators were happy I would hope that it  
> could continue here. For those of us working in English-language  
> contexts the models for justification of new media arts draw on  
> distinctions hatched in the UK, even if every situation is  
> different. All the UK debates point to dynamics that will or could  
> be present in our own settings as Sarah suggests, and I would feel  
> concerned if a new-media-curating list was not able to discuss any  
> national situation (in any country) that substantially affected the  
> viability of the organisations supporting new media arts.
> Of course, if Pauline's list is a better forum for a more focussed  
> debate that's great, but it seems to me that these times call for  
> the opposite of fragmentation.
> Cheers,
> Danny
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> On 2/04/2011, at 12:19 AM, marc garrett wrote:
>> Hi Sarah,
>> Very interesting - I'd love to know who & why particular  
>> individuals suddenly unsubscribed.
>> OK - Lets move on, as you mentioned it was an equal ratio either  
>> way which is fine.
>> I have signed up to the google list Pauline discussed & will share  
>> ideas & possible futures there, and discuss other curating related  
>> contexts here :-)
>> wishing you well.
>> marc
>>> actually we've had as many new subscribers as unsubscribers since  
>>> yesterday and not all unsubscribers are international. so i don't  
>>> wish to close down debate entirely here though absolutely agree  
>>> with beryl let's think of positive actions we can share in. i  
>>> think it is important to acknowledge what is going on, and it has  
>>> implication for our international colleagues. i've very humbled by  
>>> the long considered posts which have been posted here, and find  
>>> them heartening and thoughtful.
>>> -sarah
>>> On 1 Apr 2011, at 11:00, Pauline van Mourik Broekman wrote:
>>>> Apologies, Beryl, and to all who found it over-specific. Because  
>>>> the
>>>> discussion *is* urgent for some of us, I have taken the liberty of
>>>> creating a Googlegroup (to whom I've just invited all on this  
>>>> list who
>>>> participated on this thread); I hope you don't mind me - as one  
>>>> last
>>>> message - telling others here, in case they'd like to participate  
>>>> in what
>>>> I hope will be the positive discussion called for.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Pauline.
>>>> PS I'm not a major Googlegroups user, but the info to see and  
>>>> subscribe
>>>> should be here:
>>>> (I've  
>>>> made it
>>>> public for access, but subscribers-only for posting)
>>>> I hope
>>>>> Just a note from your gentle co-list-owner that we've had a rash  
>>>>> of
>>>> international people unsubscribing from the list in the past 12  
>>>> hours,
>>>> so
>>>>> let's try to keep this funding debate condensed, and as Clive  
>>>>> Gillman
>>>> suggested, focused on positive actions and internationally useful
>>>> examples.
>>>>> yrs
>>>>> Beryl
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