This using Firefox 4 Beta

Liking the new colours and how the advance filter appears (pointer required for the link though). Seems a lot faster too. I like the alternating colours on an item page - could they continue for the entire page (for the files and license part?)


1) When I search the search term doesn't appear in the search box once results are shown - that's a little annoying as I have to remember, and / OR - I can't email a search result to someone.

2) The results / page bar and the next page link and the now showing text could do with being closer - this part of the page feels a little fractured to me. 

3) The initial display is relevance and descending - which makes me think that's what it is being ordered by - but when I hit go, the list is altered - so am not sure what the list is being sorted by when it's first displayed.

4) Could I see the relevance for each result as part of the search results?

5) Be useful to have an explanation why some don't have pics? The picture for this one - - seems unrelated to the topic

6) Turn the creative commons licenses on the filter into links?

7) - Death by metadata :) - put the download link at the top of the page?

8) License note bit seems a little spurious / confusing?

9) No ticks on browse results?

10) When I click on HE - Mathematical and Computer Sciences [1080] - - I'd like to see 1080 resources (paginated) if possible?

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Subject: Next Jorum Release

Dear all,

We'd like to share a 'sneak peek' of the next Jorum release with you. Some
of you may have been involved in our user testing (more information below),
so apologies if this is familiar. 

We would also welcome any comments you may have on the changes we're
proposing. You can see a development version of our next release here:

Please note that the "Home", "Share", "Discuss", "News" and "Help" links in
the header will direct you to the live service, not the development version.
All other links should, however, point to the development version.

Please feel free to share your thoughts through this list, or with me
directly (mailto:[log in to unmask]), by April 8th 2011. 

The main features in the release are:

- Addition of green ticks on search results pages to indicate if a user can
access the resource
- Modification of the advanced search page to include option of selecting
licence via check boxes
- New front page text on the DSpace home page
- Find and Share links in header underlined as appropriate if you are
finding or sharing
- Deposit section: automatic metadata field splitting based on delimiter
(e.g. keyword splitting on comma)

Why green ticks?
We also considered the use of padlocks, creative commons logos, and specific
icons for each licence type. Our user-testing showed, however, that many
users did not understand the more licence-specific iconography, and found
the green ticks to be the most intuitive option. We'd love to hear your
thoughts on this concept.

Kind regards,

Hiten Vaghmaria
Service Manager, Jorum

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