Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for disseminating this so widely but I want to ensure that all institutes receive the information directly.
The joint PMB/Ops team meeting on the morning of March 29th in Brighton
is a meeting between the PMB and the sites. It covers deployment and experiment issues from a site perspective. Formally, the sites are represented by the Tier-2s so we invite the Tier-2 coordinators and the Tier-2 managers. However, we have traditionally encouraged other members of the dTeam (now the opsTeam) to attend and the meeting has basically been rather open. This has not changed; but I note that the openness should also be extended to individual site managers who might feel their individual concerns are not sufficiently represented. This confirms the role of the group as advisory and a means for building consensus, but it is not a voting body (for that, the membership would have to be restricted). The meeting is chaired by Steve Lloyd and he will circulate an agenda shortly. In this instance, please could you let Steve know if you intend to attend as we may have some limitations from the room size.

Regards, Dave.

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