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Astronomers for Satellite Instrument Support and Data Analysis

Praesepe provides specialised scientific services to the European space
industry. The company has developed a good reputation in its chosen fields
of data analysis and detector development. Praesepe employs mostly PhD
scientists. We are seeking three astronomers, initially to work at the
Herschel Science Centre (HSC) in ESAC, Madrid.

Praesepe offers permanent employment contracts with an attractive package
of benefits (including re-location).

Applicants should send their CV to [log in to unmask]


The Herschel Space Observatory performs astronomical photometry and
spectroscopy in the far infrared and submillimetre wavelength range. The
HSC is responsible for supporting the use of the Herschel instruments,
observation scheduling , monitoring elements of the spacecraft
performance, oversight of the calibration of the science instruments, and
the generation of standard science products.

The successful candidates will perform the following tasks:

1) understand the workings of one or more Herschel instruments
2) become an expert in the operations of one or more instruments
3) answer helpdesk questions on operations and data
4) assessing and updating calibration information
5) participate in data processing workshops
6) help users understand Herschel data
7) acceptance testing of software
8) cross-calibration checks
9) data quality checking

Qualifications and Experience

PhD in Astronomy or Physics

Knowledge of astronomical instrumentation, acquired through hardware
development or data reduction. An understanding of far-infrared or
heterodyne instruments would be an advantage. Experience in interacting
with the scientific community. Good communications skills. Fluent English


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