You're not looking in the right places Tony. We get plenty of comments and
stories expressing appreciation for the professional librarian's skills on
our website. Why not take time off from watching Ireland playing in the Six
nations (it'll only upset you) and write us a piece to tell us what you
think librarians have to offer?


Btw - the bus pass is over-rated, get a senior railcard instead.


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Subject: Re: David Cameron's stupid comments about public libraries


Cameron's comments are the usual "view from SW1" cobblers that characterises
the coalition even more than most governments.


More telling is Charles's paragraph beginning "Isn't it time that Cilip . .
. "  In my head I've written several paragraphs beginning this way, ever
since all those initial reactions to the local government settlement which
included "libraries" in the first sentence.  In what I have read and heard
in the national media there has been little advocacy for the added-value
provided by professional librarians, and I can't recall any appreciation by
the lay public  of the value to them of librarians' professional skills.  We
need as never before a professional association that can mobilise  the
profession's resources to provide an effective campaign of self-defence.  It
doesn't seem that we have one, and with a great deal of sadness I am letting
my Cilip sub lapse after a lifetime as an activist andconcentrating on the
typical retired person's activities of enjoying free bus rides, re-reading
terrible Victorian novels and discovering that things are not as good as
they were.




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Subject: David Cameron's stupid comments about public libraries


Apparently this happened yesterday (10 Feb):


Hundreds of libraries across the UK threatened by closure need to embrace
technology in order to "succeed", Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

Discussing the big society agenda, Opposition leader Ed Miliband challenged
the Prime Minister to explain how people could volunteer at the local
library if it is being shut down.

Cameron said: "We all know a truth about libraries, which is that those
which will succeed are those that wake up to the world of new technology,
the internet and everything else, and investment goes in."

He added: "Should councils look at community solutions for other libraries?
I believe that they should. Instead of sniping and jumping on every
bandwagon, the right hon. Gentleman should get behind the big society."


Isn't it time CILIP, and D Cameron's constituency public library, invited
him to visit some public libraries.  It would stop Mr Cameron making
embarrassingly stupid remarks like this in the future....



Professor Charles Oppenheim