Dear All,

I am currently completing my dissertation for my masters and require ten

participants who are able to answer questions sent to them around

mid-March and then again approximately around the end of April. (Dates to

be finalised).  Following is a brief description of what will be required

of a participant.

I will be conducting a Delphi study for my dissertation which will

hopefully have ten participants who are all High School Librarians from

different areas around the country.  The purpose of the study is to

collect opinions on the future of the high school library.  There will be

two rounds of questions for the study.  The first round will ask a series

of questions which will obtain individual opinions, then the second round

will repeat the same questions again but the respondent will be supplied

with the anonymous answers from the first round, to see if this would

alter their perspective in any way.  The overall purpose is to see if the

ten respondents can achieve a consensus view to each question.

The questions asked will be to identify if teenagers will use books for

information research or whether the future will be the internet and / or

electronic books.  To identify if the changes in government policies and

the recent budget cuts will lead to high school libraries being full of

old, irrelevant and out-dated books.  To identify if it is the individual

school which dictates whether the battle between books or the internet

will win, where the most spending occurs, or is it possible to have an

equal balance of both within a school?

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uk>  if you are able to


Thank you

Claire Stevens