Hi, we use lockable cases for our DVDs/CDs and use inserts for our multiple sets. With an insert, a case can manage to hold up to 3 discs, if there are more than 3 discs in a set, we divide the set into 2/3/4.. cases ( we tag each case), then we link them together by using the "parent and child" tagging program. 
It is not ideal, but we couldn't think of a better way to do that. I hope someone out there have adapted a better method and can share that with us. Thanks!   


Lucy Price
University of Glamorgan

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Is anyone using RFID tags to issue multiple DVD sets in security cases via a self issue kiosk?
And if so, are you tagging the box and all disk (multiple items) or just the box or just the disks?


Bronwen Stone
University of Wales, Newport

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