Hi All

As some of you may know I am on secondment from JISC Techdis to EIFL at the
moment. EIFL is an organisation supporting libraries in developing and
transition countries to access and use technology to improve access to
knowledge. Our countries range from much of sub-Saharan Africa to a few in
South East Asia and much of Central Asia and eastern Europe, so a real mixed
bag in terms of technical and resource capabilities.

We are holding an online workshop on Monday (21 Feb) from 09.30 to 10.30 (UK
time) to introduce Shibboleth to them as a tool potentially of wide interest
(especially for universities who do not have stable or private IP addresses
and therefore cannot access e-resources from publishers at all at present).

Mark Williams has very kindly agreed to be our main speaker, to introduce
our libraries to the whole idea of Shibboleth and how it works.

BUT I am starting to receive some technical questions from the libraries and
therefore wondered if someone might have the time to spare us an hour to
lurk in the session and offer responses via text chat to
technically-oriented questions? Examples include "We have installed
Shibboleth but it won't work for us yet as we don't have an LDAP database,
we have Active Directory. How much work is it to create an LDAP database and
from there to deploy Shibboleth to gain single-sign-on access to the
e-resources our library is subscribed to?". If it is within their
capabilities to achieve this I would be delighted, but I have no idea how to
answer this kind of question - hence asking the members of this list if
anyone who could answer that kind of question could possibly spare us an
hour on Monday. If you are not free on Monday but would keep an eye during
next week on our Q&A wiki that would also be much appreciated.

I'm afraid there is no recompense I can offer, although I can send you an
EIFL 2GB memory stick! (Doesn't quite have the ring to it of a Blankety
Blank Cheque Book and Pen, does it?).
Please respond to me directly (off-list) if you can offer any help with
Many thanks

Dr Simon Ball
EIFL FOSS Programme Manager
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Skype: simontechdis