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'Including migrant populations in joint strategic needs assessment 
(JSNA) - a guide' has been published and is available to download here:

This Guide has been written to assist those writing a Joint Strategic 
Needs Assessment (JSNA) as part of the process of commissioning. A JSNA 
acts as a critical part of the steps taken in commissioning. It 
pinpoints areas of concern that require changes to provision in order to 
inform mid to longterm strategy; and areas needing further focused 

Some understanding of migration and how it might be changing the local 
population is essential, as migrants to any given area form part of the 
demography. Knowledge of local migration and needs is also important in 
assessing equity of provision as migrants are in all areas, even when 
not visible or seldom heard.

This Guide will help planners and commissioners to build an objective 
analysis of population needs, taking into account issues of perception 
and prioritisation. The Guide is arranged in three parts: (1) a 'How 
To'section (2) a set of notable examples (3) a series of appendices with 
more detailed information The examples include one of migrant inclusion 
in a JSNA, and others illustrating a range of existing service models 
providing innovative solutions to health and social care needs.

To read this informative guide in full see:

Reference: Rose N, Stirling S, Ricketts A, Chappel D. Including migrant 
populations in Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: a guide. February 2011

Please circulate to organisations and individuals engaged in health 
needs assessment.

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Dr Hannah Lewis
Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

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