One-day workshop – 5 May 2011


I’m running a one-day workshop on Grounded Theory for the SRA, on 5th May, and would like to explain in a little more detail what ‘Grounded Theory’ means. You can also find out more about what topics the course covers by looking at the course information on the SRA website.

I was introduced to Grounded Theory in 1994 and adopted it as the underpinning method for my PhD research, which was the business development practices and behaviours of management consultants.  I studied at the University of Strathclyde, within the Department of Marketing, with Dr Andy Lowe as my supervisor.  Andy is passionate about Grounded Theory.  He encouraged me and his other students to participate in development events and workshops with Grounded Theory co-originator Dr Barney Glaser around Europe.  Not only did this give us the opportunity to work first hand with Barney but also to tap into an international network of Grounded Theory academics and practitioners.   My work has been published in Grounded Theory Review and one of my papers won a prize at an Academy of Marketing conference and was included in the Journal of Marketing Management.  I have continued to support other Grounded Theory researchers on their own work.

Since completing my PhD I have focused on commercial social research and consulting, rather than continuing along the academic route.  I have found aspects of Grounded Theory immensely valuable in broader qualitative studies and have also been commissioned to apply Grounded Theory techniques on commercial research (for example, a project I carried out into the processes of social entrepreneurship).

What I aim to do on the 5th of May is to outline Grounded Theory method and philosophy, then look at its practical application.  We will have the opportunity to use the techniques and consider their value.  I think the workshop should be valuable to those embarking on Grounded Theory academic research, but its main focus is around helping practicing researchers engaged on the client or contractor side of commercial social research contracts.  Hope to see you in May.

To fin out more please contact [log in to unmask] or 020 7388 2416. Places are limited and subject to the booking deadline of the 7th April.

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