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Anyone interested in this topic may also find it useful to contact Rhona O'Connell who is just finishing her PhD on this topic. If you would like to do this, let me know and Ill put you in touch. She has published a metasynthesis in this area:
O’Connell R, Downe S 2009 A metasynthesis of midwives’ experience of hospital practice in publicly funded settings: compliance, resistance and authenticity. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine 13(6):589-609
All the best

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Hi Luise

You have said "The midwives know a lot about normal birth, but they are not able to protect it in the actual hospital situation." You idea for a study looks great. May I suggest you read the master of midwifery thesis by Suzanne Miller from New Zealand

Robyn (email me again if you are unable to access this thesis)

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Subject: Attitudes of midwives regarding interventions

Dear midwives, researcher in midwifery and students,

for the start of the new year 2011 I like to wish you all the best.

Since 2000 I'm a practising midwife and I worked in different hospitals in Germany and Switzerland. 

After my BSc (hons) study at the Glasgow Caledonian University I started with The European Master in Midwifery program in 2009.

My interest and focus in midwifery research is on practising midwives in hospitals, because in the moment over 97% of births take place in hospital setting in Germany. I learned a lot from my independent midwives colleagues in out-of hospital settings and I realized the huge gab between the birth situations there and in hospital.

The midwives know a lot about normal birth, but they are not able to protect it in the actual hospital situation. Many aspects stop them to give a higher normal birth rate a future in Germany, in Europe and in the whole world.
I like to explore this aspects and why midwives are not able to change this situation.

In the moment I’m looking around in the field of interventions during labour. There I like to explore the attitudes of midwives regarding some interventions.

My question is how can I explore attitudes of midwives? Is a valid tool or questionnaire available to explore for example attitudes of midwives regarding Misoprostol and Oxytocin augmentation, amniotomy or routine Oxytocin application in the third stage of labour?

Hope to find an answer.

Looking forward to exchange on this platform.

Luise Lengler

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