This discussion also relates to the discussion on HINARI posted by Jon, Neil and Pranab earlier.

A certain mindset may not realize that many authors, systematic reviewers,researchers in the third world do not have access to libraries in their university or organization ( libraries which are able to pay fees to subscribe to these journals ). So these authors need to access them from elsewhere.

This elsewhere is typically PDFs forwarded to them by well meaning gracious colleagues from across the globe who respond to them individually (and they are never caught because their intentions are good).

Unfortunately till 'Open Access' becomes a reality (and programs like HINARI develop some kind of terminal disease) this is the  way for colleagues working in places labeled less developed.

The constraints on systematic reviewers challenged for access to information is best not left to the imagination of those who have never experienced such challenges (but long live their graciousness).



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Dear all,


I have been  favourably impressed by the graciousness of this group to openly share information and your patience with those of us that are new to evidence based health research. Thank you for your kindness and your dedication to this field.


Soumya,  I first learned about NICE while volunteering to review for NHS summary reviews. I found their reviews are systematic, well organized and multi-disciplinary.  I often go there to get background information, find the research which has contributed most significantly to the field and look up the most recent research by those researchers and the ones they cite.


For instance a group of dentists in clinical practise  asked me to assist them in finding acupuncture research for TMJ to use in the literature review preceding their clinical trial. I knew nothing about this topic or dentistry but the NICE reviews led to 9000 research papers so take this help seriously and follow it up, you will be glad you did!


There are copyright issues with passing around PDFs and making them publically available online . The individuals who shared links may not have the rights to post them here but abstracts  are publically available and contain more than enough information to locate the research...Just Google it or click on the DOI. Your university or organization pays fees to subscribe to these journals so you will need to download them from there. I wish you every success on your project




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Subject: Re: SYSTEMATIC REVIEW of dietary management of obesity in pregnancy


Dear Soumya,

The University of Sheffield (ScHARR) conducted a systematic review of this topic in 2010 as part of the work for the proposed NICE guidance on this subject:

Systematic review of dietary and/or physical activity interventions for weight management in pregnancy

It is an excellent 165 page long document and my advice to you would be to read it thoroughly cover to cover, before you post any further questions on the subject to this Group. 

There was also an accompanying economic modelling report from ScHARR to supplement the evidence review:

Weight Management in Pregnancy: Economic Modelling


Hope you find this useful.




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Dear Soumya,
I'm no expert on your question, but I want to thank you for sending it.

One of the most powerful attributes of this discussion group is the intellectual flexibility and graciousness of almost all its participants; this graciousness enables us to address a remarkably wide range of questions and issues effectively.

Best regards.


James M. Walker, MD, FACP
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Dear Soumya

I think that this is a web based discussion group not a library service - I may be wrong but I would suggest that you ask nicely a lirbrarian or information technologist to do your work for you!

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Does dietary management reduces obesity in primiparous/multigravida women?

Can you please provide full text of the relevant articles because most of them are abstract only.