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Just to reiterate some ground rules around use of the list.

The purpose of the evidence-based-health disscussion list is to 
facilitate discussion around the methods, development, education and 
implementation of Evidence -Based Health Care.

While this often involves explicit consideration of specific clinical 
topics, this is usually done within the context of illustrating some 
discussion around the methods etc above.

In the past we, as a group, responded positively and very helpfully to 
subscribers, particularly people who might be new to EBHC and who are 
grappling with a particular aspect of method.  Or maybe there is someone 
else on the list who share this area of interest.  Like Jim Walker, I 
value this and wouldn't want to rule that out.

So, what I have always asked people to do when they are posting such 
topics is to:
1) state why they need the information
2) describe the efforts they have already made to find the information 
through other sources. 
3) summarise what you have found from this )and
4) promise to collate and share the insights you gained from individuals 
on the list

Does that make sense to everybody?



soumyajit choudhury wrote:
> Hi,
> Does dietary management reduces obesity in primiparous/multigravida women?
> Can you please provide full text of the relevant articles because most 
> of them are abstract only.
> Regards,
> Soumya